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Heart of Zion

There are three things you have to embrace in order to understand what Zion National Park is about. Each one will lead you closer to what seems like centuries of stillness and quiet knowledge, trapped inside the intricate rock formations of this enchanting park. And through this, you will discover your own self – buried deep down within you.

Step one – Meditation

Turn off the lights, sit back, close your eyes and relax… Breathe in deeply and feel yourself detaching from the world.

Now, imagine being surrounded by the most colorful rock formations – this is the scenery found right in the heart of Zion. You are walking down a narrow path, it is smooth and soft – and your feet feel very relaxed and comfortable. This is the Riverside Walk – it winds its way among knee-deep streams, small waterfalls, and greenery. Here, the shrubs grow on the walls of the canyon, and give off the effect of “hanging gardens.”

Observe with your mind’s eye an interesting natural phenomena – a place called the Weeping Rock. This is where a continuous fall of water from a cliff has carved out an alcove in the rock. The water now falls over its opening like a curtain of rain.

Hear the water, and with each drop surrender yourself spiritually to the beauty of your surroundings. Feel the rock formations around you rising high up into the air with their domes, columns and sharp cliffs. Breathe in the sweet fragrance of the air, and let everything go as you slowly exhale. Listen to the quiet, still presence around you and feel your heart calmly beating in your chest.

In this present moment, simply allow positive energy to flow through you. Right now, taking life is as it is, let it all go… “Let go and let God.” Let the spirit guide you where you need to go.

Step two – Understanding and experiencing surrender

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up or quitting on yourself in life. What it does mean, is letting go of all the negative emotions, all the small distractions that are filling you up right now. Instead of dwelling on them, simply look at them and distance yourself from them.

Let the good energy fill you up, and reveal to you what it is that is slowing you down… what it is that is keeping you from moving in the direction where you need to go. Relax your fixed thinking, get out of the constant loop of thought, and allow your deeper wisdom and intuition to guide your direction.

Step three – Moving with the flow of your life

Often times, when we become aware of being stuck, we feel as though we have surrendered. So we push harder, stress more, and yet again find that we are running around in circles. So, what is the answer to getting past this point in life?

If this is where you find yourself, all you have to do is stop banging your head against the wall. Stop forcing things to happen, stop chasing the wrong things in life. Stop worrying about what others may do, say, or think.

Take a different path instead… Start by letting go of your tightly held ideas and plans. Instead of forcing things to happen, and feeling frustrated if life doesn’t go the way you want it to, just let go – and surrender your control. Get out of your own way, and allow the Divine Plan to guide your life…only then will you be able to move on. Let things happen naturally – move with the flow of life, and let it unfold like a beautiful flower. By loosening and detaching yourself from your Personal Will, you will allow the Divine Will to take over.

This profound movement toward complete surrender will give you an empowering sense of release, as you let something bigger than your own personal agenda or experiences to control your life. The lessons of your past will help guide you, and steer you in the right direction; only by doing this will you find your life’s meaning and become aligned with its true purpose.

Finally, examine your willingness to change. Shifting of the paradigm and a limited belief system will allow you to see clearly what it is that is holding you back, and from seeing this pattern, you will not repeat it. As you become better and better at letting go and moving with the natural flow of life, you will get closer to finding your Divine Purpose, and making a real impact in your life.

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