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Venice Beach

Featuring The Venice Beach Drum Circle – The energy of the Drum Circle is always intense – an incredible performance by various musicians.

Venice of America beach resort town built by Abbot Kinney in 1905 was the early predecessor of what we know today as Venice Beach. In 1866, when Kinney was only 16, he traveled to Europe. While there, he went on a tour of Italy – one of the many destinations along his journey. The Italian Riviera and Venice left such a lasting impression on him, that, many years later, he endeavored to recreate them in Southern California, on an area of land along the beach in Santa Monica.

Within this culture, you will find things like The Venice Beach Drum Circle – an incredible performance by various musicians, which captivates onlookers, and gets them to huddle up in a circle around the drums. Travelers and locals can bring their own instruments to play with the rest, and meet other aspiring talents who have their own unique musical styles.

The energy of the Drum Circle is always intense – after all, it’s all about the drums. But if you really want to experience it at its best, be sure to come out on a Sunday evening, right before sunset. What you will find is a large circle of people, sometimes over a hundred, watching the sun setting on the horizon as twilight rolls in around them. The music intensifies as the sun gets lower and lower, until, finally, it reaches it peak right as the last rays of sunshine disappear below the earth’s realm.

The Drum Circle cannot be described, it has to be experienced. People from all walks of life gather together to hear the beat, dance, relax, and feel the vibrating energy of the music. Musicians appreciate it most of all, but any visitor will discover something new about themselves after joining the circle at least once. Euphoria rules this place – everyone is accepted, welcomed to the group, and encouraged to lose themselves – even if only for a little while.

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